Creative City of Music

The city hosts several International Festivals, the Organ Festival is the oldest in the continent; Morelia’s culture and music history dates before the colony; an example of this is the “Pirekua”, traditional Purépecha music, declared in 2010 by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage. Likewise its architectural history can be seen in more than a thousand buildings, also declared by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Morelia hosts many different cultural institutions in the field of music like: the Conservatoire of las Rosas since 1743, preserving colonial music files, including invaluable XVIII Century scores and producing international projects such as: Children’s Choir of Morelia; Youth Art Festival and its Orchestra; the Morelia’s Higher Institute of Sacred Music; the Faculty of Fine Arts; the University UNAM-ENES with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Art Technology; the Center for Artistic Education (1976); the Mexican Center for Music and Sound Art unique in Latin-America, innovating since 2007. The Symphony Orchestra of Michoacan, the Morelia’s Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Miguel Bernal Jiménez Transformation Choir and Orchestra. The International Organ Festival of Morelia (51 years), Morelia’s Music Festival Miguel Bernal Jiménez, Jazztival (15), K’uinchekua (10), International Festival of Music and New Technologies (12), Mariachi Festival (10), Torito de Petate (20) among others.