Warden of six centuries of archived sheet music… and today, new works are conceived in creative minds, masterpieces that will soon be heard.

In Morelia, past and future converge, from novohispanic to electronic music, brought to life through state of the art technology.

Cradle and melting pot of composers, performers and institutions. Home of the first Conservatory of America and the first University in the Continent.

Its Cathedral, of pink quarry stone and its monumental organ.

Home of the Niños Cantores de Morelia; The Michoacán Symphonic Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of the Universidad de San Nicolás de Hidalgo and an endless array of diverse classical, folkloric and modern ensembles.

In Morelia, World Heritage Site, music is celebrated all year long. Eclectic festivals and fairs that complement one another. In the last five decades, artists from over fifty countries have shaped Morelia into a gathering ground for musicians.

Morelia is music. Music heard in its plazas, streets and gardens… in its historic theaters and modern venues.

It is also music that benefits marginalized areas, through social and educational programs.

Morelia, guided by its creative and innovative nature, proposes an action plan placing music as an axis for the sustainable development of the city. This set of actions is aligned to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations and the Morelia Next 2041 city plan.

With this in mind, Morelia proposes:

The creation of the Research and Archiving Center of Music in Morelia.
The Children and Youth Choirs and Orchestras Support Program in Vulnerable Areas.
The Mexican Center for the Creation of Film Music.
And the First International Symposium for Creative Industries and Cultural Entrepreneurship.

Morelia, city with a vast historical and musical heritage… and city that echoes, creates and celebrates… because Morelia lives for music.